Let yourself be impressed by the country where the three paths of the Silk Road meet. This great unknown is a destination that breathes history and has an impressive cultural heritage.

Samarkand was the transit centre and meeting point for all the caravans on the Silk Road, perhaps because this ancient city, declared a World Heritage Site, was the protagonist of the first silk productions outside of China. Its splendour knows no bounds and even today, to visit it is to travel back in time through the beautiful and majestic temples in its busy and noisy streets, which take you back to a unique cultural and commercial splendour.

But if Samarkand dazzles and surprises, neither do Bukhara and Khiva, both of which conjure up images of caravans winding through the desert, their monumental buildings blending in with the sand and invoking names such as Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Nasrullah Khan and Stalin.

Then there's the capital, Taskhent, with its monumental buildings and beautiful metro station, reminiscent of Moscow's, and a genuinely hospitable people who welcome visitors with open arms and a warm smile.

But if that's not enough, we invite you to travel on the Uzbek TGV (high-speed train), which will transport you to another dimension on the Samarkand / Bukhara route.

Ask us for more information so that you can sign up and we can embark on this journey, We look forward to seeing you with open arms. Fátima C. Brízio