September 1, 2022

Dear Friends,

Each story has a beginning, a reason for being and for existing, and ours is still the same as all of them, but at the same time, different from each one! We are all different, in the equality that unites us on this path to heaven!

I am writing to you precisely from this sky, which today takes me to another of the countless absolutely incredible places that our planet offers us!

Nothing is by chance, everyone who knows me well knows the HUGE LOVE I FEEL, LIVE AND PROFESS, EVERY DAY. MY UNCONDITIONAL LOVE TO THE HOLY TRINITY!

GODcidences have been present since our beginnings and so much has happened.

We have experienced many arduous and painful moments, with countless obstacles. But also with these we make way! Thank you very, very much, because we only grow by the strength of pain and the empire of love! As such, our LOVE unites itself with every pain felt, transforming it into a path and growing together!

Eight years are many months, days, hours, minutes and seconds that were, are and will be worth it, because our lungs breathe deeply and hard! Our heart beats with love for everything we do. And our hands are ready to receive you and thank you for the trust and opportunity you give us, entrusting us with your dreams!

Unconditionally thank you for our wonderful team, a set of super heroes that, out of nowhere, helped me transform this TRAVELLER into a true TRUE, in life and for life!

Nobody is complete alone!


A HUG from my heart Fatima C. Brízio

WE have your dream TRAVEL

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