Dear Friends,

Let’s have HOPE in "tomorrow", but in "now" too.

The reflection of a lifetime, of living at the speed of that same time, brings us the truth that it is never too late for anything. Every second we leave behind is a second that we move forward. It is never too late to help others, to be grateful. Our greatest experience in 2020, we rediscovered a new knowledge, a new life.

A year ago, we hurried through life, woke up and, almost without realizing it, it was time to go to bed. Maybe we didn't even appreciate that magnificent, unbeatable time, it was all a rush. And when it was time to count the last 10 seconds of the clock, a new stage was opening for us… a New, Happy Year! We were entering 2020! Fireworks, parties, champagne, smiles, calls, videos... the best wishes, multiplied throughout this world. In the blink of an eye, we stopped! We closed! We were scared! We fear the unknown, the unimaginable unknown! Right away... we are all locked up at home, we were looking at the deserted streets, in which life simply ceased to be seen, to become an invisible virus where insecurity was installed! We do not expect to have proof, to have faith! Let us not wait anything else in order to live.

Our sector was and continues to be the most affected, we would even say devastated... there have been months of suffering, not only have we gained nothing, but we have accumulated losses, day by day, month by month and... soon, a year will have passed. We are the economic activity most exposed to this crisis, which in the past 4 years, grew uniquely, above 40%! As long as there are smiles, as long as we fight with forces that do not tire us, as long as our actions are our great heritage. We will have DREAMS!

Our GRATITUDE to the esteemed friends / clients, who continually think of us, instead of directly marking their well-deserved rest during this year, remembered and wanted to help us so that our footfall would not sink, but that, survive with yours support. UNCONDITIONALLY GRATEFUL, because these are the precious actions that definitely demonstrate that humanity is human and is alive.

Let me tell you that when you think about traveling, whether by train, plane or jet, or make a reservation in Aveiro, São Miguel or abroad...remember us. We will have the same hotel, seat or trip, and so, together, the economy will grow, develop at the pace of a society committed to helping their neighbor, their country. No matter how small we may win, your collaboration will be valuable to us. They will make our team's bread reach the table. We need you! Do not forget us!

We approach each other out of pain, or out of joy. This was the year where we probably felt the most, we experienced these bonds of union and detachment. Solidary with your loss, steadfast with your struggle.

We especially THANK Health Professionals, Civil Protection entities, Scientists, all those who helped, struggled, did not sleep, uprooted themselves to help others, to bring a smile, a word of comfort to all who needed it most, and that, even today, some are without physical contact with their loved ones. SOLIDARITY with our precious elders, with those who once helped to raise, educate, feed, instruct our country, our grandparents, the father or mother of any of us, whose future may even be obscure, in the However, it is in this darkness that a new direction is learned and envisioned.

How to describe, enumerate, so many incognito gestures that transformed the day, the night of thousands, millions of human beings, we would not know. How many in anonymity knelt with the rosary in hand, asking God for our salvation. It is necessary to have an “almost” end or that life backwards, so that we can start again, we reschedule our meeting, on this trip, with the same CONFIDENCE.

If the PRESENT time is a new opportunity, try again! We wish you COMPASSION, COURAGE and FAITH, so that we are different and can live the true and dignified spirit in this HOLY CHRISTMAS. Perhaps the first CHRISTMAS... HOLY!

May this new year, so desired and dreamed, be humble in earthly riches and magnanimous in treasures in heaven, let us embrace 2021! Let us be resilient!

Biiiiiiig heart of ours, never be an “if”, but a constant in itself!

Fátima C. Brízio