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We inform you that Malaysia will reopen borders and receive foreign tourists from January 1, 2022, after a 20-month closure to international tourism, motivated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the Spanish newspaper Hosteltur, the reopening of tourism in Malaysia was decided by the National Rehabilitation Council, which intends, with this measure, to reactivate tourism in the country, at a time when it already has high vaccination rates and a drop in the number of contagions.

The measures approved by the National Rehabilitation Council were proposed by the Malaysian Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture, and include a pilot project for the reopening of tourism, which consists of the formation of a "green bubble" in the Langkawi archipelago, which since 16 September, it once again received national tourists, and began to receive foreign tourists as of this Monday, November 15, on an experimental basis. If the experience goes well, the next step will be the “reopening of borders for foreign tourists”, which should take place on January 1, 2022, to “further dynamize the country's tourism sector”.

The former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Muhyiddin Yassin, now the current President of the National Rehabilitation Council, did not provide, however, more details on the requirements that foreigners will have to meet in order to enter the country.

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