August 27, 2019

** Dear friends, **

Deeply rooted, we walk with discipline, to achieve our daily goal, to better know, to better offer.

During this year, countless trips to unimaginable places have shown the confidence, the rigor, of each of our dearest friends, in the attribution of their dreams to our TRUE TRAVELER!

I share with you a precious thought, which translates our spirit:

“…Better the VOYAGE that makes us vulnerable than the security that steals our way. …Better to face the vertigo of the horizon and enjoy freedom than to invent comforting doors that make us captive and lonely… “

We live with eyes open, open to sound, to life, to the pulse of every new opportunity!

We celebrate with a whistle of happiness, the joy of a united team that rises every year, year after year, to welcome you!

The world is a book and one who does not travel always reads the same page! Love and do what you want.

Thank you, Fatima C. Brízio