Dear Friends, 

This will be an UNFORGETTABLE moment. Without being invited, a sum has arrived, which others have been unable to contain, dividing itself, transposing itself, and simply installing itself... and we have to wait for it to leave, so it can be reduced to nothing.

Until then, it is our duty to reflect, aware of the weakness of our human conduct.

Meditating on this new PATH must transform our weakness into STRENGHT, our fear into FAITH. We must abstract ourselves from the whole, in order to observe the individual, putting  ourselves into the other’s shoes, and not doing to others what we don’t want others to do to us. Here we have the greatest proof of GOD'S explicit will for everyone!

We have reached a point of no return, this PATH we are all taking is a path to LIFE! It is the end of the world as we know it. Why? Because I HOPE WITH ALL MY HEART, that the imperfections offered by a world without will, will of dignity, will to undress ourselves in order to give our clothes to others, i hope this will be a turning point, for a new life with a purpose, that this life offers us the opportunity to start. Let’s start with STRENGHT of human beings worthy of dignity, but definitely capable of changing our own will!

I leave you with a thought of my beloved SAINT PADRE PIO, who truly offered his life for the cross, his sacrifice for love, a PATH of holiness so that we could realize that only when we transform, we truly change:

“HUMANITY and CHARITY go together. One glorifies and the other sanctifies.” St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

We will TRAVEL again, with a different perspective, with a high sense of gratitude, renewed in spirit, because only from detachment can we live SOLIDARITY, understanding the GREATNESS OF LIVING, WITH HEALTH AND AWARE of our true PATH, with and for CHARITY FOR A BETTER WORLD!

Let us be worthy, A big APPLAUSE to those who expose themselves so that others can protect themselves!

A tight and virtual HUG to you!   Fátima C. Brízio

WE have your dream TRAVEL