WE congratulate ANGELA MERKEL!


Dear Friends,

Today we honor one of the most influential Women in the world: Angela Merkel!

With six minutes of warm applause from the streets, balconies, windows, all of Germany applauded a spectacular example of leadership and defense of humanity. The Germans elected Angela Merkel to lead them and so she led 80 million Germans for 18 years with skill, dedication, sincerity and honesty. She was nicknamed "The Lady of the World" and was described as the equivalent of six million men.

During those 18 years of leadership in her country, no transgressions have been registered against her. She has not appointed any of her relatives to a government position. She did not claim to be the creator of glory. She has not received millions of euros in payments, no one has applauded her performance, has not received permits and promises, has not fought against those who have gone before her.

Merkel left her party leadership position and handed her over to her successors, and Germany and the German people are in the best condition. Everyone's reaction was unprecedented in the country's history. The entire population left their homes, onto their balconies, and spontaneously supported the former Chancellor for 6 consecutive minutes. A standing ovation across the country. So Germany bid farewell to its leader!

Now former German Chancellor and eternal Engineer for the biggest economy in Europe! Congratulations Angela Merkel!

A huge HUUUUG! Fatima C. Brízio

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