February 22, 2023

Dear Friends

Ash Wednesday, We remember the dust that we are and to which we shall return.

In this perspective, as part of our Church, we find ourselves at a pivotal point where ideas, methods and disciplines are dissipating, giving rise to a void that can only be filled with an individual YES. It is natural to fear a sense of decay - whether physical, moral, political, or relational - but the season of Lent and Easter shows us that only by dying do we overcome ourselves and embrace the fullness of life.

The term "memento mori" is a Latin expression that symbolises the reminder that death is inevitable. As we walk this path of Lent and Easter together, let us ask and discuss what actually makes sense, so as to arrive at a life more worthy and deserving in the eyes of our creator, both in this world and in the one to come.

A big "Xiiiiiii"! Fatima C. Brízio

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